Historically human perceptions have shown to be fallible.  Environmental variations, mental condition, physical conditions and general nature of the human mind to decipher what is considered a "new experience" can all play a roll on how we perceive things we encounter. But how reliable is the human mind?  With what degree of certainty can we trust  the things we see, hear and believe?  Our goal with this study is to test the accuracy limits of the human mind under various conditions.  From simple perceptions of audio and photographic samples to detail recall under more rigorous conditions.  We will also test the viability of the human memory over time. How long is too long when waiting for an accurate debriefing of an experience?  In the Paranormal Research field these variables play a very significant roll. They speak volumes about the viability of the information received from witnesses.  Through a series of surveys, studies and experiments we hope to shed some light on this elusive subject.

EVP Perception Survey - Currently Active

Our team has created one of a series of 5 similar tests which are being administered to the public. The test involves the creation of 10 audio recordings. The recordings can contain spoken words (Chosen by the team member) or random noise (Background noise etc.). Each volunteer will simply listen to the files and determine what each file contains. Our team will review the results of each survey and establish a statistical percentage of accuracy.  Each of the ten items on each survey will also be analyzed to determine a typical pattern in failure. (i.e. word type, recording clarity, background noise etc.  These results will be cataloged  and displayed for peer review.



Jacqueline J Rodriguez
01/05/2014 10:51am

A misperception HELL NO!!! How dare you say that!

Hi my name is Jackie and I've had this condition all my life and I am living proof and can confirm that PAREIDOLIA does exist and I see them all day everyday and mostly within the cloud and have hundreds of photos as proof. I also see them on peoples photos and movie screens back drops and find them on my pancakes. I love this condition and it's a blessing for me. It's so fascinating and has now become my love and passion and working on my gallery. You should check it out on Instagram and Facebook @ #THESKYWORKSGALLERY, #FacesInTheCloud, #DaVincioftheskies, #JJRODRIGUEZ

09/20/2017 11:21pm

I don't actually have even the slightest interest about the kinds type of topics you just shared here. But I have to admit that after reading some of it and perhaps, opening my heart with the possible learning that I will be able to gain from this, I now understand why people are so into these kinds of topics. In line with this, I would really like to thank you for letting us know about this Apophenia & Pareidolia. They are indeed a weird names, but really interesting.


I hope that these studies was successful for you. You should tell me about the results.

07/13/2017 12:24pm

Sounds like you know a lot about it. I am interested in these studies now.

09/09/2017 7:40pm

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